Monday, March 30, 2015

Blog News

This space has been pretty quiet the past few months.  All my writing effort since January has been going to drafting the final version of my Vietnam memoir.  I've been downloading as much as I can remember of my year in Vietnam and pulling together work dating back to the 70's to see what story I have to tell and what would make it worth reading to anyone.  Maybe it will be nothing more than getting it on record.  Right now it's nothing that merits publishing that hasn't already been published at Unsolicited Opinion, my original blog.  Two of those posts, One Day and One Night, sum Vietnam up for me.    

With all that I've not had much to say, either here or at Unsolicited Opinion.  I'm also not entirely sure what to do with this blog.  It began as a marketing tool for a my book about the Appalachian Trail so it's trail- and outdoors-oriented.  But I also think it's about books and writing, topics that may take me away from trail topics at times.  So far, I haven't come up with a good balance or clear pattern that makes for frequent and sustained writing in this space. 

One of my favorite sources for copy are my trail journals.  Coming up in April is the 10th anniversary of my Missing Miles AT hike in 2005.  I plan to blog my journal from that hike off and on between April and June.  That may kick start something here.  Not long after I finish blogging the Missing Miles is the 30th anniversary of the Zion Death March.  I will tell that tale then.  We'll see where things go from there.

Hope you enjoy the journey.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Best Ever Advice for a Writer

“I can’t write with those people on my shoulder, I just have to do my work.”

     --Cheryl Strayed