Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trail Journal 06.19.02

Made it to Rock Springs Hut just in time to miss the rain--one of the true victories on the trail. Now that I am walking south through Shenandoah National Park, I am seeing folks who kept walking north from Rockfish Gap. Met up with Red and Gary and the rest of my recent cohort as I approached Skyland. Was good to see everyone again--Zues, Kinky, Two Timer, Bill, Ursula and Full Moon Walking. Radar was at this hut when I arrived but moved on to a room at Skyland. Now they are all past and I can see who is walking "behind" me. Rained last night--stayed dry during the night but it was wet packing up this morning. Wasn't too cold overnight but I'm in the shelter tonight and hope I'll be warm enough in the worthless light bag I got for summer weather. If not, maybe I'll walk the full 20 miles to Swift Run Gap and bail into Harrisonburg tomorrow. Spent a lot of time around the table talking to shelter companions. Several are northbound thru-hikers: Beatnick, L-Passo and English Bob (last seen at Fontana Village in NC). Others are section hikers: Weedeater (Harpers Ferry south for a month), Bob (Duncannon, PA to Waynesboro, VA) and Kitchen Sink II (not sure). Lots of conversation and frivolity but also some serious observations about the value of the trail experience, about the sense of community and caring among the hikers. It's certainly true tha we can easily relate to each other. It took little time to become "old friends". We have much in common that creates a common bond.

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