Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Trail Journal 05.20.05

Rained last night.  A gentle steady rain.  I was warm and dry in my tent and did, indeed, sleep in.  Finally bailed out of my tent and into the shelter around 7:30.  Plodder was gone but Bed and Breakfast were still in their bags.  Made breakfast and began a running conversation with B&B about hiking and many other subjects.  They shared their coffee and cinnamon rolls with me.  In return, I offered to take out their trash.  Managed to get my tent reasonably dry in the shelter.  B&B were in no hurry to walk out in the rain which continued off and on throughout the morning.  They were still at the shelter when I left around 1:00, although the rain had abated.  The woods were a wet green as the trail clambers over some rocky outcrops.  The low light muted the forest color.

Met thru-hiker Snow Dog heading north from the Doyle.  Reached PA 225 around 2:30.  No sign of Bev and Norma in the parking area so I walked on to the pedestrian bridge that carries the AT over the highway only to see them drive under me.  They quickly returned and we had a joyous reunion.

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