Friday, May 1, 2015

Trail Journal 05.01.05

At Pine Grove State Park in Pennsylvania with Peyton on the night before setting off for Duncannon tomorrow.  My knee and leg are sore from yesterday's spill on the Tye River.  Peyton and I flipped on a small rapid.  My left leg caught in the strut (I was on my knees coming into the rapid) and he canoe torqued my knee and pulled a muscle in my thigh.  We'll see how it feels tomorrow.

Campground here is very pretty in the late afternoon sun.  Day has been mostly sunny with some coouds.  Being here seems better than in '02.  Woods are brighter, not the gloomy forest of memory.  So now I'm ready to go. I'll take some aspirin and walk carefully tomorrow on my first day back on the trail after a week off.  I'm nervous about my leg, my budget and all the connections that I need to make in order to bring this trip off.  It's nothing I can't do but all the uncertainties are here with me tonight.  Don't know why I give them any space.  I know I will work things out.  Guess I like to scare myself.

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