Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Trail Journal 05.19.05

Last night camping with unfinished AT miles.  Tomorrow I walk three miles, meet Bev and Norma and sleep in a motel.  On Saturday we slackpack into Duncannon.  Hard to believe it's almost over.  The missing miles from my 2002 thru-hike will be accounted for and I will qualify as an "official 2000 miler".  And for what?  Bragging rights?  No, it's just something that always appealed to me and now I've done it.  This year's miles are especially satisfying because I did them on my own.  So many of my trips--including 2002--relied heavily on my hiking partner Gary.  2005 shows me that I am fully self-reliant (insofar as any long distance hiker who has friends and family providing support can be).  As for today my leisurely 11 mile walk to Clark's Valley became 17.5 miles to Peters Mountain Shelter.  I did not like the campsites at Clark's Valley--way too close to the road and the spring farther south was a muddy seep so I just walked on.  Made decent enough time:  9.5 hours.  But I am way tired tonight.  Tomorrow I only have 3 miles to go so I can leave after noon and still make the road in time to meet Bev and Norma. 

Met more thru-hikers today:  Diesel, Mountan Dew and JR.  Also met section hikers Naked Ghandi (who took my photograph using a 4x5 camera), Plodder (VA-42 to Pawling, New York) and a couple named Bed and Breakfast (Harpers Ferry-Maine).  I'm even more tired tonight than last night.  Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

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