Thursday, May 7, 2015

Trail Journal 05.07.05

Very tired at the end of  a13.8 mile day in the sun with only 2.5 liters of water.  Managed to stretch the two liters I had leaving Kirkridge plus a half liter that I cared from day hiker at Wind Gap (I ate lunch there in hope that some would would show up there.)  Was pretty dehydrated b the time I got here to Leroy Smith Shelter.  Found and drank much water.  I'm pretty well rehydrated now.  My sinuses are even running again.  Made good time--eight hours and kept a steady pace, not an easy thing to do on Pennsylvania Rocks.  I picked my way over rocky trail for hours.  Managed not to fall.  Stumbled a number of times but always caught myself.  Walking the rocks is painstaking.  I look desperately for a patch of soil to place my foot, a way between the rocks or at least an easy, stable passage.  Not much scenery today.  Occasional views of the countryside north and south.  Forest is small growth.  Some larger trees but mostly new growth.  I can see why hikers call Pennsylvania heartbreaking. 

Met for NOBO's today:  Mark (from Mesa), Restless, E (whom I met the other day at Cove Mountain) and Juicy, whom E was looking for that day.  E has hiked 130 miles of Pennsylvania rocks in four days!

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