Saturday, May 16, 2015

Trail Journal 05.16.05

Watching my clothes tumble dry at the Action Laundry in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania.  Today is a genuine zero day which will be spent mostly lounging in the Econo Lodge after a long, HOT shower.  Got in pretty easily-- a Pine Grove police officer commuting in to work picked me up within five minutes after I hit the road.  Nothing was open for breakfast so I resupplied at the market, phoned motels, got my food drop at the PO and found the laundromat.  It has Maytag Neptune washers with dryers stacked on top.  A funeral procession for a deceased firefighter was queued up on the street outside:  five fire trucks, including two from neighboring towns, waited during the service at the funeral home next door.  Not big by urban standards but still an impressive send-off.

Morning at the 501 Shelter was wonderfully leisurely.  Was awake at 5:30 but took my time getting out of my bag.  The porta-john service truck lumbered in while I was still horizontal--a noisy, industrial racket that ended soon enough.  The shelter was wonderfully bright--the skylight is a great touch.  I sat at a table for breakfast and leafed through an old National Geographic.  Today is a day of indolence.  I love it.

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