Friday, May 8, 2015

Trail Journal 05.08.05

Came in to Palmerton a day early.  Got to my planned campsite for tonight around 2:30 and didn't like it enough to settle in for the afternoon.  The site was exposed to the wind, which was blowing hard today, and was in an area devastated by zinc smelting with killed off all of the trees.  Not the kind of place where I wanted to hang out so I kept walking which meant that I descended into Lehigh Gap late in the day when I least felt like a steep descent.  Made it down OK.  several NOBO's opined that descending would by difficult.  It was but no worse than any number of Grand Canyon trails I've followed. 

I'm staying in the basement of the Palmerton Borough Hall which is open to hikers.  I have it to myself unless someone else comes in, which at 8:00 pm is pretty unlikely.  Tomorrow is a town day and then on to a shelter just south of town.

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