Sunday, May 17, 2015

Trail Journal 05.17.05

Back on the trail after a less than indolent zero day in Pine Grove.  Zeroes are never as restful as I want.  I usually end up packing an organizing gear, making arrangements down the line and somehow just not laying about the way I'd hoped.  Pine Grovels indolence was further reduced by having to walk the two miles out to the Econo Lodge and back.  No one stopped for my outstretched thumb.  Even had trouble getting out of town and back up the mountain. After a fruitless half hur in the mid-day sun I was putting on my pack to start walking when a car stopped.  The driver was an old friend of Lazee, the Eckville caretaker, and maybe one of the few people in in Pine Grove willing to stop for a hiker.  All that notwithstanding, the zero was good.I got two hot showers, three town meals and clean clothes.  I vegged out in front of the tube, watching hours of Roman history, slept well in a comfortable bed.  In all, it was worth the effort. 

Trail today was easy--only 4.1 miles, mostly along an old roadbed.  Saw a turkey pop out of the brush and disappear down the trail.  Man, can they ever move fast!  Met two NOBO's:  Easy and Orphan.  Also, a section hiker walking from Duncannon to Delaware Water Gap.  Sky was partly cloudy much of the day so walking was comfortable.

Later:  Looks like another solo camp tonight.  Seems so lonely.  At times like this I cannot wait for this trip to end.  Even as I write those words, thought, I know I will miss these days and nights.  This is beginning to sound much like the 2002 thru-hike. 

Also, today I flushed three turkey buzzards from Fisher Lookout.  Got close enough to see their red markings before they took off.

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