Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Trail Journal 05.12.05

In early at Pocohantas Campsite after a 12 mile day.  Only 3.7 to Port Clinton but I decided to do those miles in the morning.  Walking today was nice.  Day started out cool and overcast so climbing out of Eckville Shelter was pleasant.  The first five miles was an easy, easy road walk--almost no rocks.  The section between the Pinnacle and Pulpit Rock was rocky in places but only had two stretches of boulders and neither was especially bad.  Dropping into Windsor Furnace was nice.  So was climbing back out.  I'm now exactly halfway between Delaware Water Gap and Duncannon after seven days of hiking,  I could probably finish in another seven days if I don't take a planned zero day.  That might complicate linking up with Bev and the others.  I could just walk shorter days but I am getting into my stride now and can easily go 10-12 miles even on Pennsylvania rocks.  I'll just have to figure it out.

Met no thru-hikers today, at least not yet.  Early Bird, whom I sa yesterday is a NOBO.  That's what she wrote in the Windsor Furnace Shelter register.  I've camped most nights this week alone.  Combined with some early days--I'm often in camp around 3:30--I have a lot of time without much to do.  That more than anything may push me on toward Duncannon.  Feet are holding out.  My heel blister is no worse despite my lack of success in bandaging it.  Only 73.2 miles to go.

After dinner:  In my tent ready for bed at 7:15.  Not much else to do.  Am set for Port Clinton Tomorrow.  Still excited about seeing the thru-hiker entries from 2002 at Eckville Shelter.  I've been walking with those names and their words:  the Noodleheads' "Top 10 Trail Names You Don't Want",  Beatnick's calligraphy, Kali-Frodo's Whitman quote, and all of the art work.  Because of that part of this hike is still in 2002.  Actually, there's always been a bit of '02 in this year's walk.  I think of Red and Gary coming through these places, walking on this trail and wonder what it was like for theme and all the other in 2002.  In that regard wa are all still together on the trail.

Saw three deer  crossing the road this morning as I walked back to the trail. from Eckville.  Also found my first tick.

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