Monday, May 18, 2015

Trail Journal 05.18.05

Lots of hikers today on the trail.  Met thru-hikers Chino, Jay, Chestnut, Mississippi Allen, Running Moon, Jukebox, PJ and Pacer.  Also met lopsided, Free Spirit, Strider, Phoenix, and Graham, all of whom are doing the northern half of the trail.  After so many days alone, it's nice to see people again.  Trail today was very pretty.  Passed through a sea of ferns lit by early morning sunlight.  Saw a deer bounding through the forest at top speed.  Walked across a beautiful 1880 iron truss bridge over Swatara Creek.  Just before the shelter at Rausch Gap I passed through an old townsite with a graceful triple arch stone bridge over a creek.  Not a bad day--13 miles.  I'm tired.  Bugs are coming out big time, especially biting gnats.  Found another tick.  Glad I have my tent.

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