Thursday, May 14, 2015

Trail Journal 05.14.05

At Eagle's Nest Shelter with 61.3 miles to go.  If this were Maine I'd be in the middle of that wonderful cakewalk to Antlers Campsite.  But this is Pennsylvania and I'm in the midst of ever present rocks, awaiting the onset of a thunderstorm which may or may not pass me by.  Warm day walking tut the breeze feels nice now.  Trail was pretty decent today--some rocks mut mostly easy going.  No boulder fields.  Which is good since I was feeling puny after too many beers last night.  Woods were pretty.  The understory has really greened up ahead of the canopy.  Some parts are a sea of green ferns.  Wild azaleas are beginning to bloom and I saw seven pink ladyslippers along the trail--two solitary ones and a group of five. the most I've ever seen in one day.  Will try for 501 shelter tomorrow.  It's a 15 mile day but I think my feet are up to it. 

Despite the repercussions from too much food and beer, yesterday in Port Clinton was all right.  It's a reminder that things work out and I don't need to worry so much about the details.

7:00 pm:  All is done.  Sky is spitting rain as thunder rumbles in the (not too) distance.  Rain is scattered but the air is decidedly humid.  I guess this means I haven't totally dodged the heat and humidity in Pennsylvania but it's still better than July, I am sure.  Starting to get bugs now, too.  They buzz me when I stop during the day and I have a few bites.  Found my second tick this evening.  Rain is coming down heavier now but I am snug and dry.

Also in Port Clinton the 3-Cs restaurant had a hiker register that goes back to 2002.  Not as many hikers stopped there as at Eckville but I saw familiar names:  Sloopy, Hoss, Uncle Jesse, Little Bo Peep and June Bug.

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