Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Trail Journal 05.13.05

Port Clinton turned out just fine despite yesterday's uncertainty.  Met Pokey, a woman section hiker northbound from Pine Grove Furnace to Vermont.  She filled me in on the options available in town.  Found a piece of Tyvek in a construction dumpster to replace my ground sheet.  Got breakfast at 3-Cs Restaurant.  Tried to catch the bus to Cabela's to replace my leaking water bottle but just missed it.  Hitchhiked with no success until Ray and Ralph, the two brothers I've seen off and on the past few days, picked me up.  No replacement Platypus bottles but I did find a pay phone and called Maggie.  The brothers dropped me off at the Port Clinton Hotel where I had a couple of beers and met Big Daddy D who told me about the bar at the firehouse where we drank more beer before a light dinner at Union House.  Now we are camped at the town pavillion.  I have all that I need to get me to my next resupply in Pine Grove.  Magic happens.

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