Friday, May 15, 2015

Trail Journal 05.15.05

Pulled in at 50 1 Shelter after a 15.1 mile day.  Not bade walking, especially in the morning.  Covered the first 10 miles in just over four hours.   Afternoon was a bit longer and rockier, so it went slower.  Met day hikers from the Blue Mountain Eagle Climbing Club, this section's maintainers, along the way and again a the shelter whee they were having a post-hike cookout to which I was invited.  Hot dogs, baked beans, cole slaw, potato salad and s'mores.  Yum!  Last week was lonely in camp so it was nice to have someone to talk to.  Shelter is great:  and enclosed building with bunks, table and chairs.  No electricity but it does have a huge skylight so the place is very bright.  Also has a solar shower which is not at all hot but felt good anyway.  I am at least a bit cleaner.  Met three NOBO's today:  T-Rex, Odissa and Boomerang, who is one of the hikers I met in Waynesboro when I was there.  Day started out overcast and humid but turned sunny by afternoon.

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