Friday, March 22, 2013

A March Hike

20-22 March 1981.  Mt. Rogers, Virginia  Gray drizzly day as we head out from Blacksburg.  Expecting snow, wondering what the road to trail head will be like.  Can we even make it?  Run into snow driving up mountain but road is passable.  Heavy snow at Elk Gap as we start out.  Walk up old road instead of AT.  Woods are blinding white.  Find shelter and, to our surprise, other people.  Set up tent behind shelter.  Warm and toasty inside.  Snow ends during night.  Next day is bright and sunny.  Meet other campers who are part of the Hike A Nation cross country hike.  Amazing to think that these people have been on trail for almost a year.  Load up one pack for day hike to Mt Rogers summit.  Walking in winter wonderland.  Open bald knobs offer good, snowy views.  Summit is heavily wooded.  Except for sign, I could not tell I was on summit.  Return trip finds most of the snow gone from the balds.  Meet more Hike A Nation travelers.  Still chilly.  Hike out next day is easy.  This time on AT.

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