Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Trail Journal 09.12.02

Beautiful fall day today.  Wind blew the clouds away by mid morning.  the sun came out and we walked down good trail withe fall colors all around us and thick on the trail, too.  Yesterday's storm  nd winds blew a lot of leaves--mostly yellow beech--on to the trail, so we had a colorful walk.  Some maples were mixed in.  Today's winds sent more leaves flying by us  It was all very peaceful. coverd the 9.2 miles to Route 4 in just over four hours and got an immediate ride into Rangely where we resupplied, ate, and I talked to Maggie.   Red and Gary left town ahead of me while I phoned.  Also went to the library to check email.  Very nice small library.  Very nice small town.  Hitched back to the trail and walked to Piazza Rock Shelter in about 40 minutes.  Ate a sub sandwich I brought from town for dinner.  Good end to a good day.

Walkilng is easier now, even when ther terrain is difficult.  I know I;m getting close to the end and will finish.  I can always take that next step.

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